Finding the right bottle

Finding the right bottle to feed your baby can be frustrating. Here are two of the brands we tried, compared; Mam and Tommee Tippee

Finding the right bottle to use when feeding your baby can be frustrating. We ended up trying three different brands, two of which I’m going to do a quick comparison of in this post; Mam and Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature (TT). We had the Tommee Tippee bottles first (we got given some by a friend) before ending up being having the Mam bottles suggested after the bairn struggled with the TT bottles.

The third was a Madela bottle with a Madela Calma teat – it was awful so I’m not even going to bother.

From the outset, this isn’t me telling you what to buy. It’s me giving you a practical comparison of the two based on our experience, if your baby likes something about one of them that I don’t – they are who you should listen to.


I prefer the shape of the Mam bottle. It’s a bit longer which makes it a little more manoeuvrable when you’re feeding your bairn. It also fits better into the bottle part of changing bags. Not much else to it to be honest.

TT left, Mam right.



Our little fella found the teat on the TT bottles too big when he was little, there was milk everywhere! It says it’s meant to be shaped like a nipple (as if there’s a standard shape) but it seems a bit stiffer and less pliable than the Mam teats. You can see a comparison of the two of them below.

TT left, Mam right.


Anti-colicness (it’ll be in the dictionary soon)

Both bottles have their own way of trying to reduce colic. TT have a valve in the teat which lets air in as milk comes out – to me it’s in a bit of a daft place but I’m sure they’ve done their R&D. The Mam bottle has holes in the bottom which are covered (obviously) so the milk doesn’t just come out and as your baby sucks milk out the teat it pulls on the cover and that lets air in.



Both bottles come apart fully for use in your steriliser (see below) so there’s not really difference in that. There are more bits to the Mam bottle but in my eyes if it’s a trade-off between spending a few seconds more putting it together and having more stuff in the steriliser or reducing colic, there’s only one winner.

The Mam bottle can be microwaved and sterilised within 3 minutes too if needs be but we’ve only had to do that once, it’s not a difficult thing to do. The TT bottle may well be microwavable too but I can’t comment on that, we never used it long enough to end up in the situation where we needed it.



So, as I mentioned at the start, finding a bottle is almost purely down to your baby and what kind of teat they prefer. It may well end up with a bit of trial and error.

The tips I do have is don’t buy a bundle until you know what your baby will take to. You’ll a) spend more money unnecessarily and b) if they don’t like it you’ve just got more stuff to store or sell on.

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