Fighting the dad bod (but still being able to eat pasties) part 1

The dadbod has crept up on me, as it does many dads.

I say crept up on me, I weigh less than I did a year ago before the bairn was born (and less than that time I had to go on the telly). But in a way, it still has. When I was off on paternity leave and then again when I was off work looking after the bairn while C was in hospital I was more active and snacked on less crap – and lost weight. I dropped down to 16 stone but I’ve gradually gone back up to 16st 8 (as of this morning) and it’s annoying the shit out of me.

I spent like 8 years working in gyms, studying sports science, working in community health promotion and managing weight management services (proper NHS ones, not Slimming World or Weight Watchers) so I’ve heard every excuse in the book, seen through them and helped people tackle the real issue behind things. It’s time to turn the tables on myself.

What’s been the tipping point?

My weight creeping back up to 16st 8 again and just feeling unfit and tired. Simples.

Why has it happened?

Since going back to work, I’m less active in general. Now I’m back at work (desk job) with a 35-50-minute commute either side of work it’s very different to looking after a baby all day where you’re out for walks, picking them up, playing games, etc.

I exercise less. I suffer from exercise induced migraines (I can’t see for like an hour and then feel shit for a day or so). Pre-bairn, I could do the exercises I want and could get away with having a couple a week. Now though, it’s not practical and puts unnecessary extra pressure on C so I’ve stopped.

So, what’s the plan?

Eat less shit. This side is easy to say (and considering I have no issues with salad and veg) not as difficult for some as it is to do. Snacks are probably my weakness so I’ll be swapping some of them for a glass of water instead *insert water boy gif*.

Be more active. Although it’s not the right time to take up any sports, push myself and risk migraines, I should do something. Each night I’m going to take the bairn for a walk (time permitted when I get in from work) followed up with a bike ride, some yoga and stretching or a circuit in the garden with the kettlebell.

Hopefully introducing those mean I can do things I enjoy, that are flexible enough to fit in to the bairn’s routines and I can control what I’m doing to reduce the risk of any migraines.

What’s the end goal?

The goal is to get down below 16st. At that point my clothes will fit better and I’ll be a happier man.

I’ll be posting some updates around how this all goes, mainly to give myself some accountability and partly to force me to reflect on what choices I’m making.

Out of all the work I’ve done in public health, putting accountability on yourself and putting in place something that makes you reflect on what you’re doing are the main things for changing your behaviour.

I also know that taking out the cheeky stuff you love completely isn’t going to work either so the 2 of the 4 P’s in the Attempting to Dad tagline which are food based will always be there.

Anyway…I’m off to do some downward dog.

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2 thoughts on “Fighting the dad bod (but still being able to eat pasties) part 1

  1. I know how it feels to combat the dadbod. My aim was to lose the equivalent of a newborn babies weight before he came along 3kg or so (half a stone), I was successful in this but fast forward three months and it’s back again.
    It doesn’t help being the wrong side of 30 either with a culture of having the odd beer in the city after work.

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    1. Yea, my weight has kind of stayed the same since this post 😂 not doing too well. I struggle mainly with work through the week – sedentary job, hour commute home and then it’s making the most of my time with the bairn. Eating more healthily though so just gotta keep chipping away 👍


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