You won’t believe what this new dad said to his wife!

Sorry for the click bait title. Actually, if it worked i’m not sorry. I want to have a bit complain about something and I want to force complain at you. Not about you (well, my unless you’re a twat), just at you.

Anyway, last week C went on a night out with her colleagues as they finished the end of the school year (she’s a teacher, they deserve a night out for the end of the year) and she was one of two are currently off on maternity leave.

C told me Letitia (the other teacher off on maternity leave and not her real name) wasn’t going and the conversation went something like this:

Me: “Are we picking up Letitia on the way?”

C: “Nah, she’s not coming out”

Me: “That’s annoying, why not?”

C: “She can’t get a babysitter”

Me: “Oh right, is whats-his-name working or something?”

C: “No, he just won’t look after both kids. He’ll look after one but not both.”

Like, what the actual frig!? He won’t look after both his children at the same time because the 4 year old gets jealous of the baby when he’s looking after him. Now, I have no idea of what it’s like to look after a four year old or two children at the same time but to me, that sounds like a pretty naff excuse.

If I ever, ever say anything like that to C give me hell. And probably my mam after she’d found out too. And my mates. And I’d deserve it all.

I’ve had comments where people are surprised at the fact that I do things like the night feed, look after him on an evening when C has had him all day and change nappies. People already assume dads are a bit shit, we don’t need people actively attempting to live up to the stereotype.

One thought on “You won’t believe what this new dad said to his wife!

  1. I agree with you Mark, pretty naff excuse in my book! I don’t think his wife would be able to have the same excuse so why should he?

    Thanks for sharing the story and the click bait worked 😉.


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