Teething bites.

Teething sounds like a really frigging grim experience. I mean the red cheeks, dribble aaarrlll owa, crying and just generally being unsettled are all a sign it’s not fun but imagine feeling your teeth coming though and not being able to do anything about it or communicate it properly to someone. Some people suffer a lot with wisdom teeth, and they get to take some proper pain killers. Poor bairns.

Our bairn is 5 months now and he’s been teething for a while. There are no teeth in sight (yet) but his gums are definitely getting a lot harder and all the signs are there that it’s not far off his first teeth showing up.

We’ve tried different teethers but the problem with them has been the bairn’s coordination. He can get them in the right area (his gob) but he hasn’t quite found a way to get them to the right part of his gums. And if he does, he can’t quite keep them there long enough. He’s probably not far off so hopefully he’ll be able to make the most of them soon.

The things we’ve found most useful so far have been powders, gels and a good old chew on dad’s finger (or mam’s or a nose, or an arm…).

Between the gels and powders, we’ve found the powders work better. We’ve been using Ashton & Parsons Infants Powders which basically just dissolves on the tongue to ease the symptoms. It’s based on tincture of matricaria (camomile) and has a twice a day dosage suggestion for 3-6 months. We’ve recently some Nelson’s Teetha teething granules too after a recommendation so we’ll see what they’re like.

The problem we’ve had with the gels is that just ends up mixing in with his dribble and gets spat out, rendering it useless. If you’re interested these are the two we’ve tried; Dentinox and Calgel

But, like I said, he’s only 5 months and although his gums are getting harder there are no signs of actual teeth yet so let’s see how things go. If you’ve got any suggestions for other things that might be useful or any stories about your little one’s teething drop them in the comments below.

Thanks for reading. If you’ve found this post useful please comment,  give it a like, share or whatever. I’m hoping to learn from others experiences as well as sharing my own.

Mark x

P.S none of the brands I’ve mentioned have asked to be mentioned, nor have I asked them if I could mention them. This is just an update on what we’ve done. But if you’re from a company who are super-duper teething people, hit me up *nudge nudge*

One thought on “Teething bites.

  1. Our little lad is about the same age (5 months next week). Found the same problem with dentinox falling out of his gob (usually somewhere down the front of my shirt). We’ve moved over to ambesol which so far after a few days seems to be a winner 🤞. Heard lots of good things about powder/crystals though so they’re the backup plan!

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