GB Pockit+. Small but not so mighty

GB Pockit+. Small but not so mighty 7 months in to owning one I share our thoughts on how useful this travel buggy is on (and not on) holiday

Earlier this year we picked up a GB Pockit+ from a local baby sale for £30 with a travel bag and rain cover. We’d looked at it online ahead of going on holiday. Good reviews, RRP of £160 at the time, we thought we’d got ourselves a steal. 7 months, a holiday and trying to use it for more than just that I thought I’d share our thoughts.

It was super handy, particularly being able to have it with us all the way through the airport meant we could put the bairn in when he was too tired (read: couldn’t be arsed) to walk. Other than that, you don’t have to worry about it going in the hold and it obviously saves time. It’s a pretty good mover too and when things get busy it is really easy to get around with.

When you’re at your lovely holiday destination it was good a good buggy but what you benefit from with the hand luggage size, you lose out in other areas. It was small enough to fold away and not need to worry about it taking up too much space in the rental car or the accommodation and you won’t be stuck with a massive pushchair in hot weather when you’re out and about. Out in the sun though we still needed to buy an umbrella to attach to the side of it as the hood is still pretty small which was a bit annoying.

Other than the holiday, our Pockit+ has in my car boot most of the time. Obviously, size wise, it saves loads of space and for when I’ve gone into town with the bairn then it has been ok. I’m 6’2” (and a half) and the handles are at a pretty uncomfortable height, the hood/rain cover give up the ghost in anything other than a light wind, it can feel quite flimsy and it isn’t great over any cobbles or bigger paving.

The really small folded size, and how lightweight it is, make it really useful for a holiday unless you’re doing a lot of that in dry places with little wind or rain I really don’t think it would be worth getting one at full price. At the end of the day it’s a travel buggy so don’t expect too much but for what it would cost , I’d still expect more than what you get.

Thanks for taking the time to check out this post. If you’ve used the Pockit+ or any other travel pushchairs let me know below the line, it’d be great to hear how you’ve found using them.

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