Going part time: Why? And How?

Just short of a year ago I went part time at work. It’s had its ups and downs but here’s why and how it happened.

Just short of a year ago I went part time at work. It’s had its ups and downs but here’s why and how it happened.

In short, it was to be able to spend more time with the bairn. Obviously, reducing our nursery fees was part of it but certainly not the key driver in it. C was going back to work part time, us both going part time was something we’d discussed; it was just a waiting game on my end for a job that allowed it to happen. Would I still be happy doing the job I was in at the time had I not left? Yes. Am I still happy I took the chance going part time? Definitely.

How it happened was pretty much pure luck. I was very happy in the job I was doing at the time, I loved the charity and worked in a team full of great people. Unfortunately, the job was a) a full-time job, going part time would not have fit the needs of it and b) dropping to three/four days on the wage probably wouldn’t have worked.

I’d been keeping an eye out for things, but I didn’t have high hopes considering the list this new job would have to tick. Anyway, a few months later a job came up elsewhere which meant career progression (and the increase in wage that goes alongside that obviously helped, meaning I wasn’t losing out on too much money at the end of the month), dropping to three days and going somewhere I knew had a good culture and good people. The Holy Trinity I was looking for.

I went for it and luckily, I got it. To be honest I haven’t looked back and part time working while the bairn is so young is something I am not willing to give up while he’s so young. Learning a new charity and job isn’t made any easier being part time, I can’t lie, but it’s worked out so far (I think it has anyway, you’d have to ask my boss for their view on it).

So that’s why and how I went part time, thanks for taking the time to have a read. If you’ve had thoughts about doing similar as a dad it’d be great to hear from you and if you’ve made the jump, or even gone one further and left work completely, I’d love to hear from you too. Hit me up in the comments below or on Twitter or Instagram.

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