Who am I?

Hey, I’m Mark. I’m a 31 year old who has joint responsibility (with the lovely C – the woman who tolerates me) for raising a little human and attempting to be a dad (hence the name of the blog).

In my working life I’m a very proud fundraiser, working for a cancer charity based in the North West of England. You know those people who write you nice letters asking you for money? And then when you do donate, because you’re a wonderful person, send you information about all the amazing things your money is making possible? That’s me.

My views on the world and politics will become fairly apparent through my posts or if you follow me on social media. These play a big role in how I hope to

What is this all for?

This blog is just me (semi-regularly) sharing my journey as a dad. I try to be honest about things. It’s part catharsis, part hoping someone might find it useful.

Some of it will be how I’m feeling about stuff, some of it will be the practical side of things and some of it will just be stuff.

Thanks for taking the time to drop by. I hope you enjoy my posts, please feel free to comment on them and if you’d like to get in touch or want to share some views of your own without going through the effort of setting up your own page just let me know. More than happy to give space for other voices. Just drop me a message on the contact page.

Love, Mark.