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I’m Mark. Here’s a little intro to myself and the Attempting to Dad Fam. Who we are (to an extent) and why Attempting to Dad is here. So first up, who are we?

C is my fiance, she’s bloody amazing and I’m a very, very lucky man to have met her.

We’re both in our very late 20’s, even 20+10 for one of us but sssshhhh I’m not telling which one. Outside of baby life and in the real world, C is a teacher (although she’s off for a year now) and I work as a fundraising manage for a charity who support people with a visual impairment or another disability – both jobs we love. Our favourite TV show is Gilmore Girls, we love a picky tea and our roadtrip playlist includes Alphabeat, The Futureheads, Fleetwood Mac, Sigur Ros, Taking Back Sunday and Regina Spektor. Make of that what you will.

We’ve got ideas on how we want to raise the bairn, whether these actually happen or not is a different matter, so that he hopefully turns in to a good person (and never votes for the political right – yup, I went there this early. Not sorry).

Our little man (normally referred to as ‘the bairn’) was born on 31st March 2018 and is our first. Being completely biased, he’s the best baby ever. Seriously, you should see his milk drunk face. He’s 8 weeks old at the time of writing so he’s just starting to work out and learn what’s going on around him which is amazing to watch but obviously brings it’s own challenges.

Why is Attempting to Dad here?

Attempting to Dad is my effort at journalling my way through becoming a dad and everything that follows. The reasons are kind of two fold. One is to just share my story in the hope that another dad, somewhere, might find it useful.

The other reason is so that we, as a family, can look back on it in future years and see how far we’ve come (we’ll probably have a good laugh at my attempts at making videos on Youtube too!).

So that’s who we are and why we’re here. If you’ve got any stories to share, feedback to give or just want to get in touch for a chat about being a dad, hit me up! I can’t wait to hear from you.

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Mark, C and the bairn x

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