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Teething bites.

Teething sounds like a really frigging grim experience. I mean the red cheeks, dribble aaarrlll owa, crying and just generally being unsettled are all a sign it’s not fun but imagine feeling your teeth coming though and not being able to do anything about it or communicate it properly to someone. Some people suffer a […]


Keeping a healthy mindset as an expectant parent

For this post I thought I’d share a few things to do with the mindset of an expectant or new parent that, during an understandably stressful time, might help to make things a bit easier. You’ll probably be able to tell I haven’t quite mastered a couple of them yet. Be prepared for everyone to […]


Finding the right bottle

Finding the right bottle to feed your baby can be frustrating. Here are two of the brands we tried, compared; Mam and Tommee Tippee

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That weekend we tried to introduce a feeding routine

This weekend we tried to introduce a feeding routine. After a bit of a regression from going 3 hours and having 4-5oz each time the bairn spent a week having 2-3oz feed every 1.5-2 hours. I kept a bit of a diary, find out how it all went in the video below. P.S. if anyone […]

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Podcasts, schmodcasts!

Even before the bairn was born I was a big fan of a podcast, regularly listening to them on my commute to work. But since he was born, podcasts have really come in to their own when it comes to having something to listen to during the night feed (headphones in!), to listen to on […]