Picking a nursery

Today is the day the bairn goes to nursery. We've been through the process of picking one, had the taster days and so far managed to get through his first day without ringing up to see how he's doing (it is only 11.04am so that may we change...) Anyway, here's how we went about picking … Continue reading Picking a nursery

Parenting, 6 months in: Our best buy(s)

*Before you start reading this, I just want to add a caveat that if you’re breastfeeding our top buy probably isn’t for you right now. Our top buy so far has been the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine – basically, a Tassimo machine for your baby’s formula milk. When C spent two weeks in hospital … Continue reading Parenting, 6 months in: Our best buy(s)

Teething bites.

Teething sounds like a really frigging grim experience. I mean the red cheeks, dribble aaarrlll owa, crying and just generally being unsettled are all a sign it’s not fun but imagine feeling your teeth coming though and not being able to do anything about it or communicate it properly to someone. Some people suffer a … Continue reading Teething bites.

Keeping a healthy mindset as an expectant parent

For this post I thought I’d share a few things to do with the mindset of an expectant or new parent that, during an understandably stressful time, might help to make things a bit easier. You’ll probably be able to tell I haven’t quite mastered a couple of them yet. Be prepared for everyone to … Continue reading Keeping a healthy mindset as an expectant parent

Worries before the baby is even born

Last week I was looking for suggestions of new blog topics on the new Instagram Questions feature, one of the questions I got through was: So here are the things I worried about before the baby was even born. Pre-pregnancy Pre-pregnancy the main things I was worried about were a) fertility and b) am I … Continue reading Worries before the baby is even born

Why I started Attempting to Dad

So, here's a still from my latest video. It's me not paying attention while recording and walked into the pram - it didn't make the final cut. Sorry. It's answering a question from Matt at SoundRolling (find him on insta at @soundrolling) about why I started Attempting to Dad Find it on YouTube or over on IGTV … Continue reading Why I started Attempting to Dad